This month's featured pose is Tree (also known by its Sanskrit name, Vrksasana) - because it's the time of year that we put the Christmas tree up, so we think each and every one of you can be your own Christmas Tree - including the sparkling star on the top!


  1. Begin in Tadasana (Mountain pose). Shift your weight into your standing leg, ground down, and lift your other leg.
  2. Reach down and use your hand to grasp your lifted leg's ankle. Firm through the standing leg, then place the sole of your lifted foot on the opposite inner thigh, if that's available to you. Press thigh into foot and foot into thigh. If the inner thigh isn't available to you, rest your foot instead onto your calf, or ankle.
  3. Pick a dristi point, a fixed spot on the wall in front of you, and keep your gaze fixed there.
  4. Ensure your pelvis is centred and tipped back, and lengthen the tailbone towards the floor. Once steady, raise your hands to heart centre, straight up into the air, or in prayer mudra above your head. You might even like to let the arms sway side to side, like a tree in a summer's breeze.
  5. Hold the pose, then to leave, extend the lifted leg forward, then place it gently, with control, on the ground, and return to Tadasana.
  6. Repeat on the other side.


Get festive - grab some mates, link arms side by side, and do Tree all together!

Once the festivities are over (perhaps on Boxing Day), you might need a little lie down... and for that, we suggest Reclined Tree! Reclined Tree is Tree pose, but lying on your back on your mat. Start in Savasana, then engage your legs, and bring one foot to the inner thigh of the other leg. Lay back and breathe... and don't be surprised if you start napping!