Thursday's 7:25pm-8:25pm | 31st October - 5th December
Full 6 week course $110, or $90 for members
or $100 for 5 weeks | $90 for 4 weeks

Zama’s beginner’s yoga course will help you understand the basics of yoga asana practice so you can feel more confident in your practice. Even if you’ve been doing classes for a little while, this course will help you by breaking down poses and correcting your alignment.

Course topics:
Week 1 - The Basics, Yogic Breath & Seated Asanas
Week 2 - Core, Twists & Standing Asanas
Week 3 - Forward & Backward Bending
Week 4 - Mudras, Bandhas & Pranayama
Week 5 - Arm Balances & Inversions for Beginners
Week 6 – Putting it all together

The course is not a hot yoga course. It is a general hatha yoga course. All equipment is provided. Please wear comfortable clothing. If you cannot attend all six workshops, you can attend a minimum of 4 for $90, or 5 for $100. Please contact us to book for four or five workshops. No refunds, exchanges or transfers. Missed classes cannot be made up. Upon completion of this course, you will be ready to attend classes.