Our wonderful teacher Samantha Lindsay-German shares her thoughts on Autumn Equinox.

On the 21st March 2019 we celebrate the Autumn Equinox here in Australia.

The  name ‘equinox’ comes from the Latin "aequus" which means equal and "nox", which means night.

It is the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator, making night and day approximately equal length all over the earth.

It is a point of equilibrium in the year. We have two such points each year the other is marked by the Spring Equinox.

From the point of the Autumn Equinox to this next shifting point of the following spring equinox the light will begin to shorten.

We are in the waning phase of the year.  After the fullness and frolicking of the Summer Solstice we begin our journey inward preparing to sit quietly once again in the darkness with ourself.

The Autumn Equinox marks the pagan festival of Mabon.  In Paganism we celebrate all that has come to fruition this last year... we survey our harvest, our yield. We can acknowledge new relationships, new business ventures, new hobbies, areas of your life you have grown and nurtured from the seed of an idea.  It is now time to stand back and acknowledge how far you have come, all that you have created and enjoy the harvest.

It also marks the time when we honour that which is no longer with us.  The seeds that never grew, the ventures that failed to thrive and fell by the way side.  The parting of friends.  The endings of relationships.

So what are some of the rituals you can do at this time of year?

  1. Write a gratitude journal. Use your journal to find gratitude for everything that has come to fruition. Find gratitude in the simpler things to... a flushing loo, a coffee machine, a warm shower.

  2. Create an Alter for Autumn   Find a place in your home if you don't have an alter already, where you can leave a few items out on display to remind you to stay in gratitude and to help you connect to the peaceful voice within you.  Place on the alter anything that helps you connect to Autumn,  leaves, branches, autumnal coloured flowers and crystals. Each day tend to your altar and keep it a tidy and sacred space.

  3. Bring about balance to your home. Prepare your home for the coming winter months by clearing out all that no longer fills you heart with joy.  Entering the next few months with fewer burdens will allow you to go deeper in your reflections.  Start simply with that overflowing drawer you know the one full of odd keys, chop sticks and other "just in case" items.  Freeing yourself of the physical clutter can free your mind of the mental clutter....or the "Garbage" as Yogi Bhajan called it.

  4. Get out in nature.  When was that last time you headed out into the bush? Being in nature will help to regulate your bodies natural circadian rhythms. This can support the healing of a number of physical ailments such as, balancing menstrual irregularities, migraines, sleeplessness, anxiety...Nature is literally one of the best ways to re calibrate your nervous system and get your body and mindback into balance.

  5. Start something new.  Take up knitting, sewing, cookery, painting, pottery..... Beginning quiet activities at this time can be deeply healing and bring about a deeper connection to your consciousness.Make a tradition of having an autumnal meal once a year.  Let go of all pressure for it to be amazing and just invite friends or family over and enjoy some good local fresh veggies cooked simply so as not to ruin the flavour. Bake some bread...and my favourite make apple pie!