Would you like to attend both the Zama Yoga Toowong and Toowoomba studios either regularly or when you visit?

Please note this information is for those wanting to attend both studios. If you wish to transfer your membership or pass to a different studio for use only at that studio, please contact us.

Step 1 Read the below details on how transferring passes and memberships works between the studios.

Step 2 Create an account online at the studio you wish to visit, but don’t normally attend. You only need to do this once and you will be able to use it again and again.

Step 3 Email us at least 3 week days (Monday – Friday) prior to the first class you will attend at the studio you are visiting with the name on your account, which classes you plan to attend (dates, days and times), and how you wish to allocate your pass or membership so we can set it up for you in advance. It is likely you will not be able to use your pass if you do not contact us, as not all of our teachers are able to allocate classes between studios, so we must have it ready in advance for you. Please note there are no administration staff available on weekends to assist you, so you must notify us on a weekday, at least three weekdays prior.

We will contact you to confirm and advise you of any additional payment required. All additional payments must be made prior to attending class. We can take your payment over the phone. If you do not wish to give us your credit card details over the phone, please add them to your account when you create it so we can charge your card with out seeing your details. Please note your key tag barcode number will be added to your account once you’ve created it and emailed us, so you will be able to use your tag at both studios.

Please note once a membership or pass has been transferred it cannot be transferred again, so please ensure you only transfer what you will use.

Toowong clients attending the Toowoomba studio

All passes and memberships (excluding the 10 day trial) purchased at the Toowong studio can be used at the Toowoomba studio. Please follow the steps below to use your pass or membership at the Toowoomba studio.

Please note Toowoomba passes and memberships are a lesser price than Toowong passes, so depending on how you plan to use your pass, you may choose to simply purchase a separate pass for Toowoomba classes from the Toowoomba studio (there are no refunds for using Toowong passes in Toowoomba).

First time to Toowoomba?

If you’re able to attend more than one class while in Toowoomba, and it is your first time to the Toowoomba studio, take up the Toowoomba $25 for 10 days offer, which you are entitled to as a new Toowoomba client.

Toowoomba clients attending the Toowong studio

You may attend the Toowong studio by upgrading your membership or pass and effectively paying Toowong prices to attend classes.

First time to Toowong?

If you’re able to attend more than one class while in Brisbane, and it is your first time to the Toowong studio, take up the Toowong $25 for 10 days offer, which you are entitled to as a new Toowong client.

Using Toowoomba class passes in Toowong

If you have a valid Toowoomba class pass you would like to use at Toowong, you may use classes from your pass and pay the difference between what you paid per class for the pass and what you would have paid per class for the equivalent pass in Toowong. So if you paid for example $18 per class in Toowoomba, you can take $18 off the cost of the per class price on the equivalent pass (e.g. 5, 10 or 25 class pass) at Toowong. The use of your pass must be approved in advance. Please follow the guidelines below.

Using Toowoomba memberships in Toowong

If you have a valid Toowoomba membership and wish to attend Toowong occasionally, you may pay $10 to attend a casual Toowong class. You still need to tell us you’re coming (see steps above).

If you do not have a memberships and are planning to attend both studios regularly, please purchase a Toowong membership option and follow the steps above to advise us you wish to attend both studios in advance of attending.

If you wish to attend both studios regularly and you already have a Toowoomba membership, you can upgrade it for use at Toowong. Please contact us to determine how your membership can be upgraded. The use of your membership must be approved in advance. Please follow the steps above.