aqua yoga toowoomba

AquaYoga600Aqua Yoga 4 Week Course


Wednesdays 11th, 18th, 25th March & 1st April

6:45pm – 7:45pm

Centenary Heights State High School Pool

60 Ramsay Street, Centenary Heights, Qld 4350 (across the road from Zama Yoga Toowoomba studio) – map available here

$89 – book now

Please bring swimmers, towel, goggles (if your eyes are sensitive to chlorine), and a water bottle. 

Are you a water baby who loves yoga? Do you experience pain in your joints when exercising? Are you looking to try something fun and unique? Well we’ve got the perfect thing for all of you – aqua yoga! Aqua yoga is a low impact form of exercise that supports the body while still providing a great workout due to the water resistance. Many yoga poses that you do in class can be adapted for the pool, sometimes using the pool walls as if it were the studio floor.

The benefits of aqua yoga are numerous – because the body bears less weight in water, and the buoyancy of the surrounding water takes pressure off the joints, pain is eased and the muscles relax, which helps increase the effectiveness of strengthening and stretching. It also limits the incidence of injury while still providing an amazing workout.

While suitable for everyone, this kind of pool therapy is helpful for people who have experienced arthritis or joint injury, or those who require post-surgery recovery, prenatal exercise or postnatal recovery. Aqua yoga also helps those who struggle to balance, and is suitable for beginning to advanced yogis alike.

Join us in the pool – book now!