aqua yoga november 2015 toowoomba

Aqua Yoga

4 workshop series with Deb 

Tuesdays 6:45pm – 7:45pm

3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th November

Centenary Heights State High School Pool

60 Ramsay Street, Centenary Heights, Qld 4350 (across the road from Zama Yoga Toowoomba studio) – map available here

$89 non members $69 members* or attend casually for $25

Aqua Yoga is back! Join us in November for 4 sessions of the most unique yoga you’ve ever experienced. Not only is aqua yoga loads of fun and a splashin’ good time, it also has numerous benefits for the body and is an amazing way for your muscles to relax to allow for more effective stretching and strengthening.

Nature & Health magazine did a story on aqua yoga in their most recent edition, and they featured Zama Yoga’s aqua yoga workshops! “According to Bridget Dennis of Zama Yoga, which has studios in both Brisbane and Toowoomba, aqua yoga can be practised by anyone, but is particularly good for people who have arthritis or joint pain, or are recovering post-surgery. “This is because the body bears less weight in water, and the water’s buoyancy helps take pressure off the joints,” she says. For the same reasons, aqua yoga is also beneficial for prenatal or postnatal women, or anyone with injuries or musculoskeletal conditions who finds their condition aggravated by weight-bearing exercise.”


See you at the pool!

*Members includes anyone on an Ongoing Membership, or on a 1 Month Membership, 3 Month Membership, 6 Month Membership or 12 Month Membership (upfront or direct debit) that expires after this course’s duration.

Please bring swimmers, towel, goggles (if your eyes are sensitive to chlorine), and a water bottle.