4-7-8 BREATH

We're bringing it back to the breath for May with 4-7-8 or relaxing breathing exercise as our pose of the month. This breath is the perfect little yoga snack anytime during your day that you need to slow down and just be with yourself.

You can do this exercise in any position that feels comfortable like laying down, sitting on your mat or at your desk. Start by bringing your drishti or point of gaze inwards and allow the hinge of your jaw release so that your tongue and cheeks soften.

Inhale through your nose for 4 counts noticing the sensation of the inner body expanding into the outer body. Hold your breath for 7 counts trying not to create any tension, then exhale through the nose nice and slowly for 8 counts feeling the sensation of outer body drawing in towards your inner body. You can repeat this breath as many times as you need.